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The Fragment 殘片

截圖 2023-12-19 下午1.00.51.png










Yen Yu-ting's artistic focus centers on the dialogue and reinterpretation between the cultural context of ink painting and contemporary life experiences. Her works, rooted in personal experiences and fictional scenarios, combine news images and text, transforming traditional ink vocabulary to capture a collective and disoriented mental state in contemporary society, accompanied by absurdity and humor.

In her recent solo exhibition, "Fragments," Yen Yu-ting further explores the integration of the traditional ink technique of "皴法cun-fa"(Texture Stroke)with current news events. Unlike her previous brightly colored, lively gouache works, the new pieces presented in this exhibition rely solely on layers of ink, aiming to construct an internal space that merges envelopment, tranquility, and oppression more purely.

In her recent creations, unlike traditional ink painters who use "皴法cun-fa" as a tool to depict natural landscapes and give form to objects, Yen Yu-ting's primary focus is on "皴法cun-fa" itself. Through extensive collection and transcription of news headlines onto her canvases, she allows the text to evolve and change over time along with current events. In the exhibited works, one can observe her continuous exploration of the possibilities of "皴法cun-fa," while another part showcases her attempts to reintegrate this technique into the construction of the visual space.

For her, this painting process is akin to retrieving fragments of memory amidst the flow of information, extracting text through layered dyes from intertwined lines. At times, it resembles injecting remnants of daily life, using brushes and ink to transcribe the latest news headlines onto paper. In this process, words, information, and memories intertwine in the constant flux of "writing and painting," repeatedly oscillating between "extraction (covering and dyeing)" and "erasure (writing, wrinkling)." This painting method transforms the original function of "皴法cun-fa" from systematically representing natural textures to a descriptive technique for the texture of memory and psychological states. Simultaneously, it continues the role of "皴法cun-fa" in ink painting, becoming a crucial element for expressing personal thoughts, recording contemporary events, and reminiscing.

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