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Fence 圍籬

Ceramic, Iron Stock, and Strip Lamp



Fence is Yen Yu-Ting’s first attempt at creating large-scale ceramic installations. The artist utilizes 3D software simulation and ceramic filling techniques to explore possibilities in creating medium and large-scale ceramic works using layering methods. 

Featured in the Frontier No. 11 Gallery is a fence built with ceramic objects. The artist uses the shadows created by the light penetrating through the holes to create a projected scene that resembles layered metal wires on the wall. At close inspection, viewers will discover that the layered ceramic objects are human figurines in crouched positions with their faces toward the ground. The figurines are designed with simple outlines, but viewers will sense the stiff numbness of their postures. The figurines are placed (or tread) on top of each other, presenting a precarious balance resembling acrobatics that seems to be some sort of peculiar game or an epitome of society.

〈圍籬〉 是顏妤庭首次嘗試的大型陶瓷裝置作品,她透過3D軟體的模擬以及陶瓷的灌漿技法,實驗以疊架的方式創作中大型尺寸之陶瓷作品的可能性。


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